Martin Carter

Martin Carter’s work is characterized by Abstract Expressionism and his work stems from a desire to create a similar experience to that which is obtainable through the power of music.


If music has the power to ‘transport’ you subconsciously and emotionally, can a materialistic art form like painting do the same?

He presents the concept of an atmospheric space, one which is more internal in its reflection of emotion and passion, embracing the idea that much like music its existence is self-referential and has no connection to the natural world.

Although entirely abstract, Carter is concerned with this idea of space and the issue of materialism, often experimenting with different paints and techniques in order to create a surface where the physicality of material and technique is as non-evident as possible, whilst at the same time maintaining a highly atmospheric and emotionally charged aesthetic. The most successful example of this being the thin application of oil paint onto an already smooth and glossy surface in such a way that any brush marks are removed, finally the surface is covered in varnish to give the work a consistency and certain seductive quality. To support this idea of abstraction the works are untitled.