Carl Andre is an American minimalist artist recognized for his ordered linear format and grid format sculptures. His sculptures range from large public artworks to more intimate tile patterns arranged on the floor of an exhibition space.

Carl Andre’s Equivalent VIII better known as ‘the bricks’ caused massive public controversy during the 1970s when purchased and put on display by the Tate. Due to the publicity it has attracted it is perhaps one of the best known works of modern art in the Tate Collection.

“These bricks have really brought the public in. They can’t make head or tail of them.
Nothing has attracted as much attention as they have.”

Arthur Payne, Gallery Assistant, quoted in the Evening Standard, n.f.d. 1976

Canwood Gallery is immensely proud to be exhibiting Isoclast 07, a 2004 edition of bricks. For the gallery owner his wildest dream has come true.

We really look forward to your opinions.

Isoclast has been exhibited:

In London, Sadie Coles HQ, Black White Carbon Tin, 2004. London, Karsten Schubert, Carl Andre, Bernd and Hilla Becher, Sol LeWitt, Bridget Riley, 2008


M. Gayford, ‘The Master Bricklayer’, in The Independent Review, 24 February 2004, pp. 12-13. A. Rider, Carl Andre: Things In Their Elements, New York 2011, p. 81 (installation view at Sadie Coles HQ, London illustrated in color, p. 80)